Brains with Beauty.....that's the goal of every Infographic.

With an increasing amount of data bombarding us in digital age, there has been a growing need to make sense of it all. Well executed infographics provide the opportunity to clarify previously murky data and provide newfound insight going forward. A sampling of projects I've worked on is on this page.

Past and current clients include: Wired, Ogilvy, IBM, Money, GOOD, Fast Company, Ford, Allianz, New York Times, Undercurrent.
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  • San Francisco Public Utilities HQ - Interactive Media Wall

    In collaboration with Obsuca, we designed and illustrated a digital media wall for the new San Francisco Public Utlities Comission HQ lobby. People can see adaptive statistics and data about how Bay-area citizens are using energy, and where it's going to. 
  • GOOD Magazine Transparencies
    Created for the Transparency series, these graphical explorations of data surround various social and topical issues such as fish-stocks and immigration.
  • GOOD Magazine
  • Wired Infographics

    Select Infographics from the Bill Gates Guest Editor Print and Interactive. 
  • Kinky & Co
  • Nike+ Calendar
    Working with the fine team at R/GA, a calendar for Nike+ was developed.
  • Bloomberg
  • IBM: Smarter Planet
    a complete illustrated visual system was created for IBM's Smarter Planet series. 
  • Ogilvy - IBM
  • Fast Company - NPR
  • M Mag - Allianz
  • National Geographic

    Infographics created for National Geographic. iPad editions were animated, done with help from our friends at GoGo Project. 
  • Undercurrent - Ford
  • SEED Magazine - Religion issue
  • BC Salmon Farmer's Association
  • New York Times - Ideas Issue
  • GOOD magazine - Gay Marriage statistics of US States.