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Chances are you have a problem that needs solving.

We offer creative solutions with clarity and purpose.

Saddle up.
  • TOM is a multi-disciplinary creative agency. We especially excel in:

    Brand Identity + Strategy
    Infographics and Data Visualization
    Illustration + Iconography
    Print and Digital Communication
  • We've had the pleasure to collaborate with many partners over the years... from Fortune 500 companies (and Fortune itself) to small startups looking to change the world. Some our clients include:
    The New York Times
    National Geographic
    University of California Berkeley
    Harry N. Abrams
    Environmental Defense Fund
    Business Week
    The Atlantic
  • Leaner, not meaner.
    We're not a huge monolith with a massive tower in Midtown. We're a scalable studio that has the ability to grow or shrink resources depending on the project. This scalability allows us to work with you whether you are an established corporation, a publishing house, or someone looking to launch a great idea. We're interesting in good ideas of all sizes.

    At the end of the day, we're efficient so your money goes into paying for good work, not to pay our heating bill and retirement plant (although feel free to chip in!). 

  • Good Clients make the project.
    We are nothing without our clients. We're always looking for partners who understand the importance of clear communication and high-quality design.  We can meet over coffee today, fly in to your office next week, or do it all via the magic internet machine.
  • TOM founder and creative director, Thomas Porostocky started his career in the NYC publishing industry, holding the Art Director positions for the magazines I.D. and SEED. He subsequently started a design studio in NYC, which has grown into the company you see today. He was included in Print Magazine's Top 20 Under 30 selection, his work has appeared in numerous Design annuals, Books and Art exhibits. 
    Thomas holds a Masters Degree in Design from the School of Visual Arts (New York City), and a Bachelors Degree in Design from the Alberta College of Art and Design (Calgary).
    When he's not working, he's teaching at the Alberta College of Art and Design, or lusting after cars he will never own.